All things brow extensions

Oooooo, have we all been anticipating this! Currently, Lash it. Wax it. is the only studio in Houston that is professionally certified to apply these babies. Perfect brows on point upon waking up? We think yes. Be sure to check out our glamour gallery for photos! 

Prepping for your appointment

Please arrive brow-makeup free! There is no need to wax, tweeze, or thread prior  to your appointment. We have you covered there.

What's involved?

Tiny fibers are meticulously applied to the brow area. Yes! We can attach extensions to the skin! A specialized skin-safe adhesive is used. So if you have absolutely no eyebrows whatsoever, you're in luck. We can make it happen. Want Megan Fox's brows? We can do that! Prefer just a subtle fill-in? That too!  

How long do they last?

If the extension is applied to the skin, you can expect it to last up to 2 weeks. If the extension has been applied to a natural hair, it can last up to 4 weeks. We suggest you maintain your brow extensions every 2 weeks. 

After care

  • ​Do not rub, twist, or pick at the extensions 
  • Even if you're a wild sleeper, try not to sleep on your face
  • Do not us any oil or glycerin based products on or around the brow area 
  • Cleanse the brow by dabbing them with your finger with either oil free makeup remover or a toner. No scrubbing.