All Things Lashes 

Lash extensions are certainly not just for your high maintenance types although, we love to cater to those, too. Maybe your only make-up routine consists of mascara. Well, we have you covered and we promise, your morning routine will thank us. 


Prepping for your appointment

You'll want to arrive with squeaking clean eyes! Eye makeup, mascara especially, leaves an oily residue on the lids and lashes that can cause the extension to not bond and cure to the degree it needs to. So better safe than sorry, just arrive eye make-up free.

 Lash-lucious after care

There are a few cardinal rules that must be followed to ensure long lasting, gorgeous extensions. Although these will be discussed in detail during your initial consultation, please consider the following so that you feel confident that you were born to have lash extensions:

  • Keep those babies dry for 24 hours. They're still curing after your application. Yes, you can still wash your face and bathe! We'll show your some tricks of the trade so that you don't feel inconvenienced. 
  • No oily residue near or on the extensions. Take our word for it - Oil and lash extensions do not mix. 
  • This is a mascara-free zone, friends. Who the heck wants to take the time to put on mascara? That's what lash extensions are for! No mascara on the extensions. Mascara on natural bottom lashes is permitted.
  • Take that cute lil' pink brush you're given after your lash service and give your extension beauties a gentle sweep in the morning and evening.